Can I remove the watermark?

What is Creative Commons Attribution license (CC BY)?
- It is the most accommodating of Creative Commons licenses offered. Read more about CC BY license here.

How do I give attribution?
- Read How to give attribution.

What kind of commercial use can I do with vector images released under CC BY license?
- Any kind of commercial use as long as you give proper attribution to the author (see How to give attribution?). Use of images without attribution is not allowed.

Why are images of celebrities and sports logos marked for Editorial use only?
- Images of famous people and trademarks like sports logos cannot be used commercially without the consent of trademark owners. These images can be used only for editorial and personal use. Read more about editorial use here.

If I use editorial images, do I need to provide attribution?
- Yes.

I found one attribution link in your zip file and I see another when I click on How to attribute. Which one should I use?
- Use any of those links.

I see another license document in your zip file. Are these images still covered with CC Attribution license?
- Yes they are. CC BY is more accommodating license. You can ignore that document and use CC Attribution license.

I cannot find a way to attribute your images. What should I do?
- Please contact us

Copyright infringement

Trademark owners: If you think any of the files on Vectorportal is infringing your copyright please write a note to this email address: webm[email protected] and the file in question will be removed.

If you have any further questions, please contact us.